Olivia’s Princess Room

final cropped 2

Was over the moon to do my first Girl's room+ACEAIQ?? My client's daughter wanted a little girl's princess room and of course purple and pink were the perfect choices.?? Whew can't believe it is finally done.?? What a crazy experience, I am so proud of the hard work put into it but the real reward was … [Read more...]


Costume Themed Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween submission 01

Here are some trick or treat bags I made this year for the kiddos....?? The bags were actually pretty simple to make.?? Time consuming only because I made three. The supplies you will need: 1.?? +ACQ-2.99 Canvas Bag from Hobby Lobby 2.?? 2 Rolls of coordinating tulle 3?? Coordinating … [Read more...]


Vision- come out come out wherever you are!!

after 8

Because I am not a trained designer... it takes me forever to get my vision to appear.. doing this room was no different. Here is the +ACI-before+ACI picture of my latest project: Walking through Homegoods on the first shopping day out my eyes met and fell in love with this amazing abstract painting. … [Read more...]


Jump and Grow your Wings on the way Down…

hairchair featured watermark

Wanna know what I want to be when I grow up??? I challenge you to answer this question..........If I could be anything I would be +AF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXwBfAF8AXw What if you could be that thing???????? What if you just jumped??? And took that leap of faith??? What glorious amazing things could be waiting for … [Read more...]


DIY Blinged out Iphone Case

diy iphone case 7

You know what makes me happy? Well besides Roller Coasters and Fireworks.... When my kids ask me to make crafts with them. I'm not sure if I love it cuz well I just love being creative or if it is because I just LOVE hanging with my girls more than ANYTHING else... When I got my new IPhone 5 a … [Read more...]


How Oh So Shabby Got Started….

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Hi I???m Lynda and this is my amazing family??? These are my amazing daughters... And here is my handsome, patient and kind hubby??? (and photo bomber friend Murray) And this is my story+ACEAIQAh 19 years ago I started my meeting planning business with nothing more than +ACQ-3000 in the bank and about … [Read more...]


Girl’s Antique Vanity from Drab to Fab

1 (1074x1280) (2) PM

I have dabbled in many creative projects but repurposing is what makes my heart go pitter patter. The feeling of accomplishment when I see the before and after is like no other.?? A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this little gem on Craig's List for +ACQ-25.?? This cute little old couple was moving and I … [Read more...]